Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sweet Scottish Sorrow

Back in '99, when I was working for an educational tour company, I had an opportunity to participate in one of their tours as an employee perk. The tour I chose was basically a whirlwind trip through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and, overwhelming though it was, it was an incredibly enjoyable trip. I had a blast in London, despite it's crowds, it's litter, it's weather, and it's rudeness. It just had so much to offer. In fact, it was probably a lot like New York in a lot of respects, except because it wasn't New York, I didn't have to hate it. Quite the opposite, in fact.

And then there was Edinburgh. Oh, Edinburgh... We got there by taking an overnight sleeper train from London (which I, of course, didn't sleep on - I was too busy looking out the window, and hitting the beverage car for pints of Smithwicks), but I distinctly remember being in a grumpy ass mood and not particularly wanting to go (I thought it would be nothing but a city of industry and unintelligible accents), but then pulling into Waverly Station, looking up on a dreary early morning and seeing the towering monument to Sir Walter Scott, followed by Edinburgh Castle, and absolutely falling in love with the place, right there on the spot.

And, in the two times I've been back since, my opinion of the city hasn't changed one bit. In fact, I told myself that I would make a concerted effort to live there at some point - maybe to settle down, maybe not. I mean, who knows? I could be unemployed and hanging out writing in the Princes St. cafe's. Next thing you know I'm a top selling author, a la J.K. Rowling. Thanks, Edinburgh!


But, I still need some practice first. And, anyway it now looks as if it'll be a lot harder to get there, damn it all. Mercer HR has just released it's Top 50 Most Expensive Cities to live in list. Edinburgh (thank Christ) did not make the cut, but depressingly enough, London did (at #2... #2!!!!) and Glasgow - Edinburgh's chief rival for the title of Scottish City Supreme - chimed in at #36, jumping up all the way from #60. And although Edinburgh didn't make the list, you can bet it's not very far behind. For purposes, of comparison, Boston didn't make the list either, and this city is RIDICULOUSLY priced - same with San Francisco. In fact, the only U.S. cities to make the list were New York (another reason why it sucks) and Los Angeles (I kinda like L.A., so I'll give it a mulligan. Wouldn't live there though, not unless I wanted black lung from all the smog.)

So, unless I get some major dinero very very soon, Boston it shall be for the foreseeable future, unless... well, I hear New Orleans is pretty cool. Anyone got an in there? Heh.

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