Monday, June 18, 2007

Sweathogs & Barfly's

Thank god for Mental Floss. It always comes through when you're in a pinch. Here I am, at 10:18 on Monday evening, ready to brush my teeth and then lie in bed for a little bit with my new book (see? There it is on the sidebar. Doesn't it look, cool? I'm all excited. Ooh, and I'll let you in on a little secret... a friend of mine helped to write it. Yes, really!) with a couple of good ideas to blog about, but unfortunately not enough time to write a lengthy enough post that the topics warrant.

So, this ought to tide you over until such time arrives. We have here, not one, but TWO television theme song quizzes. Fifteen brief sound clips from various television theme songs of yesteryear are provided, and you have to match them up with the correct show. Easy, right?

Well, I thought so. Normally, I'd be proud to have scored 100% on both quizzes, but then I remembered the subject matter we're dealing with here, and realized what such a score says about me. Namely, that I'm a loafing TV junkie with no life, and fewer prospects - or at least I was at one time (jury's still out on whether or not that's still the case.) Anyway, see how you do. Any child of the 80's is bound to score reasonably well. So, here you go.

TV Theme Song Quiz #1 - I found this the more easier of the two, but only because I'm not nearly as familiar with the "newer" TV shows as I am the older - go figure, right? Some of you may find this a bit frustrating. (Note: At the risk of giving away one of the answers here - the Family Ties theme song is one of the soundbites, however, there was an error on the page rendering and so the graphic you're supposed to match the song with doesn't appear. There's just a place to enter the number, with nothing next to it. Don't let that throw you off.)

TV Theme Song Quiz #2 - I'm betting we'll see lots of high scores on this one. I almost blew it at one point, unable to decide between the Dawson's Creek theme and Ally McBeal (both shows I despised.) I kind of guessed on those two... correctly as it turned out. Yay me.

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