Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Murky Words: 200. Haters & Imitators: 0.

Know what this is? This here is post #200 on Murky Words. It took us two years, one month and thirty days to get here, but "here" we finally are. Although really, there's nothing final about it because, frankly, I see no reason to stop now. In fact, I feel like I'm only just getting started... or rather, I'm getting my second wind. Maybe that's it.

In any event, I won't sit here and reminisce about previous posts and days gone by. God knows I already link enough to my past stuff to make everyone a little sick. Plus, the archives are just over there to the right if you're really interested.

Nah - I'll continue to write here as long as all six or so of you continue to read. And even if you don't, well, I can always use the practice. Just thought, in the absence of anything else to write about today, I'd mark the milestone with, what else, a post. Word.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It took me a minute to understand your title, until I tried to read it aloud using your accent. At first I was like, why is he using an apostrophe on a Spanish word? And what language is Hata and Imitata?

3:52 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

OK, fine. All valid points - so I fixed it to the correct spelling, and also made the subject take up only one line of space, otherwise it gets ugly. Ees good?

9:16 AM  
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