Sunday, June 10, 2007

Say Hello To My Leetle Friends...

Apologize, folks. Introductions are in order. If you'll take a look in that sidebar over to the right, you'll notice that there are three new entries at the bottom of the 'Good Peoples' section. I can't just serve 'em up like that and not offer any explanation about them. So, here goes.

Greg's Climbing Blog - Greg is a guy I know from (what appears to be the now defunct) Milk St. Writers Group - which was never on Milk St. while I was a member of it. Maybe that's why it now appears to be defunct. Or, maybe it's because Greg was usually the only one who bothered to submit anything for others to critique. The rest of us usually claimed to be "too busy", and Tom, the guy who hosted the meetings week after week - in Somerville - always had an out because, well, he hosted the meetings (although he does deserve props for his devotion to Quisp Cereal.) Anyway, Greg is quite the mountain climber as well, and given his devotion to both that and writing (the absence of the writer's group notwithstanding), he's done a good thing by combining the two. His blog proves an interesting read, even if you're not into a climbing person (such as myself.) Greg is also in the habit of leaving nasty comments on other people's blogs (as he has done here on a few occasions), so feel free to return the favor while you're visiting.

The Mountain Biker - Yet another blog whose title says it all. The Mountain Biker is written by a gentleman who refers to himself as Snot Rocket - a more elegant moniker there never was - and like Greg, Snot Rocket is quite serious about his craft. He also has the added distinction of being my brother in law, although he'll probably be pissed at me for mentioning that, given that he's a little obsessive about privacy. Still, his is also a good read (and quite a scientific one as it turns out - physics anyone?) and if you're into mountain biking, give it a shot. Or, even if you're into pictures of really cute kids and sweaty mountain bikers, you can still give it a shot.

Adventures of a Whinging Pommy Down Under - We finally come to the Pommy, whatever that is. Mr. Pommy is another relative of mine - this one, my cousin Stuart. He's a Brit (hence the title of his blog. If you have any idea what it means, let me know. I'm surprised he didn't use the word toppin... er, tuppence.) Anyway, Stuart is now living in Australia and writing about it, along with a myriad of other topics. And, by myriad I mean American politics, which is interesting because the last time I saw him he went to great pains to explain to me why the United Kingdom is a far better place to live (Note: he won't get nearly as vehement an argument from me these days.) Anyway, I've always thought very highly of Stuart, and I very much enjoy reading his blog.

I hope you enjoy reading the adventures of my fine feathered friends, and check out their blogs from time to time. I'm also planning on updating the rest of the sidebar in the near future. The listening/reading/watching links will stay, but many of the Time Wasters are no longer Time Wasters (at least for me), and one or two of the Good Peoples, while still good, haven't updated their blogs in months (I know - the hypocricy!) Whatever - I just figured I'd keep it current. Enjoy, folks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn dude you are talkative lately. I have zillions of posts behind and several ahead to read!

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh and i forgot to say... you might be in trouble if stuart is annoyed by my responding to all his entries at once. you know, the way i do to yours :)

3:50 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Thanks for the explanation. As for the comments on Stuart's blog, i doubt he'll be annoyed. We bloggers love comments (See? I'm responding to all of yours.) Plus, I left a comment on one of his posts last week and he didn't even acknowledge it. I think he thought, "Who the hell is this Eric person? I don't have a cousin named Eric."

9:20 AM  

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