Monday, December 05, 2005

Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells.......

It's official. Christmas time is back (and in full effect, yo.) Before I go any further, a big thank you to all those who stepped up to the plate and went to Gift It Up. The event went down without a hitch, raised a ton of cash for some great non-profits that definitely needed the support, and everyone who participated was able to have a good time while feeling nifty about themselves. Big up to the organizers who made it all flow seamlessly. By the way, if you missed the event but would still like to contribute, you may do so at their website. Head on over there and click on the Participate Now link, won't you? Gracias.

Today at work, one of the bus drivers I share an office with threw the door open and said, "You know, I wish we could fast forward to the 26th and get this holiday shit over with." When I asked him how come he said, "Because they're such a damn pain in the ass."

Now, given that I'm no stranger to surliness and general bad temperament, you might have expected me to agree with him. I am, after all, the same guy who received a Grumpy dwarf t-shirt and accompanying keychain as a gift one year, both of which I display proudly. I've always had a soft spot for the Grinch too - before his heart grew two sizes of course (the Dr. Seuss version - not the Jim Carey abomination that hit movie screens several years ago.) But no, for whatever reason, I've been hit with the terrible affliction known as Christmas cheer this year. Please keep this quiet. I don't want word to get out.

It may just be a temporary thing. By the time Christmas rolls around, I could be a right old bastard again, cursing at the neighborhood kids in broken Spanish, but for now at least, I've caught the bug. I think, really, it was simple overindulgence in all things Christmasy this weekend that did it. There was, of course, the gift fair that I just mentioned. There's the copy of It's A Wonderful Life that I received in the mail from Netflix Saturday - a film my sister and I watch religiously every year - even the years when we don't see each other for Christmas due to distance, pregnancy (hers - not mine), or whatever else. There's the fact that my mother, unbeknownst to me, happened to buy a "few extra gifts" and ended up doing most of my Christmas shopping for me - like she wonderfully does every year. There's the Christmas tree my father and I put up when I went over to my parents for Sunday dinner, and the tinsel that adorns said tree - put on one strand at a time. There's the accursed snow and ice on the ground - typical of a Boston Christmas season. And there are, of course, the bunnies.

I've linked to the bunnies on this site before, as part of a Friday links post, but they warrant more linkage if only because they have two fabulous renditions of some Christmas classics - one old, one new. For those who are unfamiliar or named Forgetful Jones, the premise is this: classic movies shrunk down to 30 seconds and reenacted by bunnies. The first film is the previously mentioned It's A Wonderful Life. Make sure, at the clips conclusion, you click on the three bunny silhouettes on the bottom left for a few Easter eggs (no pun intended.) The second film is the newly remade classic, A Christmas Story. If you haven't seen either film, what can I tell you? You were a deprived child. Watch, enjoy, and Merry Friggin' Christmas.

Oh, and the bus driver? He continued running his mouth and talking holiday smack. When he asked me my thoughts I simply smirked and said, "I wouldn't touch this with a........ thirty nine and a half foot poooooooole!!!"


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