Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey & Soda Pop

Quick check in to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Any big plans? I for one am headed to nearby Quincy to celebrate at my brother and sister-in-law's house with the rest of the immediate family. Dinner is at 2:00, a fact for which I am quite grateful, as it gives me the rest of the day to sleep off the turkey induced slumber.

In preparation for tomorrow's feast I'm stealing a page out of Sean's book and tuning up my taste buds with holiday flavored sodas from the Jones Soda Company. I've already cracked open the Turkey and Gravy flavor and, truth be told, it tasted nothing like turkey and gravy. It was more like liquefied Sweet N' Low with a touch of caramel. Not bad... but not all that good either. Tonight? I think I'm in the mood for Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'll also mention that tomorrow night at 8:00 the holiday classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will air on ABC. Now, of all the Charlie Brown specials this one was probably my least favorite (except for that egregiously bad one in the 80's which featured the Peanuts gang in a breakdancing competition. Just terrible. Talk about scarring one's youth...) The Thanksgiving episode features little dialogue, a shaky plot line, and, as far as I can remember, not a single adult with a trumpet like voice. Still, it's Charlie Brown for God's sake. You really can't go wrong. Money scene in this one? Franklin sitting on - and falling through - a broken chaise lounge (Snoopy broke it in a fight at the beginning of the show) placed at the table due to a shortage of chairs. Gets me absolutely every time. This special, like virtually all of them, also features an excellent soundtrack from the Vince Guaraldi trio which, as luck would have it, you can now buy in stores. As a Thanksgiving gift, here is the theme song to tomorrow night's show to get you in the holiday mood. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Download: Thanksgiving Theme


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