Monday, November 07, 2005

Vacationers Log: 11/07/05

Woken up at 10:45 this morning (yes, I slept until 10:45 AM. No, I'm not proud of this) by my boss, who is not on vacation, and who was in a panic because her printer wouldn't print. Thought it must have something to do with "whatever it was I was doing to it on Friday" (showing her, at her request, how to change a toner cartridge in the unlikely event it ran out while I was gone. Note to self: learn how to give more absorbing and captivating toner cartridge replacement presentations.) Asked boss if she had tried resetting the printer by turning it off and then back on again. After a brief pause was told, "Ohhhh yeah. THAT did it."

Moved into kitchen where I immediately threw on pot of coffee. Sat down, and wrote three pages of longhand while consuming said coffee which subsequently turned out to be rather weak. This is why I normally drink tea. More difficult to screw up, and it's better for me. Finished writing and then checked my e-mail. One message from Yahoo Music letting me know about the new albums they now have available on their service. One message from my friend Chris, who wanted to share with me a funny and interesting link (which I will probably make available on a links post at a later date), one message from another friend Brian, just shooting the shite, like friends often do, and one message from Madeline Mason telling me to "increase the size of my manhood" (and yes, I was as uncomfortable writing that as you are reading it. Perhaps more so. Something about the word manhood.....)

After bleaching eyes, spend about twenty minutes sitting at the table thinking of all the things I need to do while on vacation:

1) Go grocery shopping.
2) Do laundry.
3) Throw down quick patch on the curb by the side of the house so I can pull into the makeshift driveway during snowstorms.
4) Remove brush, overgrowth, and nail-studded wooden planks by the side of the house to create the aforementioned makeshift driveway.
5) Finish studying up on personal finance.
6) Write a blog post.
7) Get my hair cut (excuse me....
8) Clean my room.
9) Watch Groundhog Day and report back to Andrew and Wynne. Be prepared to analyze and discuss. Pop Quiz may follow.
10) Fix life by end of week.

Get up and shower, and sing loudly while doing so. I can do this. No one is around to hear the potential eardrum piercing bursts of sound. Make decision while toweling dry to screw the mental list I've just created, telling myself I'm on vacation and therefore should not be creating work to replace that which I've specifically taken a vacation to get away from.

Get in the car and go grocery shopping anyway because, while technically work, is also necessary if I want to avoid dying of malnutrition. Go to Whole Foods and eat some of their prepared foods for lunch (Mexican Casserole and Dominican beef and potatoes. Delicious.) Finish lunch and start shopping in earnest, buying organic produce, free trade tea, etc.... Try to convince myself while doing this that I'm not a hippie and that I do use underarm deodorant. Am convinced thoroughly when I go through the checkout and pay a king's ransom for the two bags of groceries I've accumulated, realizing that no hippie would have paid this much for apples and root beer. Share the land, baby. Share the land. Am pleasantly surprised to run into the downstairs neighbor, who is there to eat lunch as well before heading off for another appointment. Talk amiably with her before the cashier loudly "ahems" and I sign the loan documents for said groceries.

Drive from Whole Foods to Trader Joe's which isn't nearly as interesting, but is much cheaper.

Scoot down Memorial Drive and thoroughly enjoy the picture perfect skyline view before I take a left and cross over Boston town and drive for about ten minutes before coming back home. Put away the frozen foods first, then everything else.

Feel proud for having accomplished something today - lasts for about ten minutes before I get a call from a coworker at a former job, calling to catch up and blah, blah, blah. Feign interest. Later realize I should be paying more attention. Try listening for a change and am pleasantly surprised at the results. Manage to have a pleasant end to the conversation, and find myself glad to have connected with a friend with whom I hadn't spoken in awhile.

Start writing blog post. While writing, resolve to update the blog throughout vacation because it just makes for
SUCH enthralling reading. Waffle back on forth on that one before realizing I like doing it, so it will continue.

End blog post. Say goodbye and tell everyone I'll see them real soon.


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Eric, I think you've just written the consummate blog post.

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