Thursday, September 29, 2005

Smells Like......

Hey, you smell that? Yeah, me too. Smells kinda like a blog post. But..... where the hell is it coming from? Hmmm... let me poke around.

Ow, SHIT!! Bumped my friggin' head. Alright, now this is pissing me off. I'm gonna find this mo'fo if it's the last muthaf.... (fade voice)

(New computer arrived yesterday, folks. It is a BEAST. Simply huge, but in a lovable "Holy Crap! I can't believe I own this" kind of way. I'm still setting it up - us techies are not content to simply take it out of the box and let her rip. No, no - we have to erase the hard drive first and reinstall only the necessary programs while customizing it just so - but once I finish there will be posts aplenty. Stay tuned - "Murky Words II: Rewind's Revenge" is coming soon to a computer screen near you.)


Blogger Sean said...

What did you get??

8:35 AM  

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