Friday, August 19, 2005

I gotta War Shades

You remember whenb I wrote a couple weeks back about making an appointment with an eye docotr due to some small vision problem? Well - today was yhe day., The good news us my vision is avtually not all that bad. Due to astigmatism, I have 20/40 vision in one yey anf 20/30 vision in the other. I'm alsi 20/25 when reading. The doctor gave me a prescription for glasses and told me I could get them if I want, but that I shouldnt feel as if Ineed to. I then asked her about contacts and she said I wasn't even a good candidtare for them. She told me to gert the glassres first andf then see how much I wore them, if at all - then worry about contct lenses. So hurrah for less than perfect, but still decent vision.

The bad news is they flooded my eyes with about four of five different types of drops... My pupls are nopw the size of quarters and evetyhing is blurry as hell. I'm sitting in my living room, with the shades drawn and the lights and wearing sunglasses. In short, I'm blind as a bat,,,, so unfortunatre4ly, there will be no lengty post today. I cant see what I'm typing, and I don't trust myself to throw s adecent linki up. Perhaps tomorrow, once the drops wear off I'll be nore eloquent. In the meantime however, I'm odd to to my best Corey HArt impersonation. Have a good weeked everyonie.


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