Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sing Two Sgt. Peppers and a Stairway

A couple of posts ago, I dared utter the name 'Neneh Cherry' on this blog. Aside from appear as a backup musician on the new Gorillaz disc, I have no idea what she's doing these days (other than perform with her brother Eagle Eye, of 'Save Tonight' fame. I kid you not - that's his real name.) The mere mention of her, however, got me thinking... we all have a few CD's in our collection that we're embarassed about. At the very least, there's probably a group or musician out there we're ashamed to admit that we like. I actually have a few of both. (For the record, I DO NOT own the Neneh Cherry CD, although I could have told you it was called 'Raw Like Sushi' (Heh. Just ridiculous.) I must, however, confess to downloading the 'Buffalo Stance' MP3 from iTunes - and yes, it was free.)

But getting back, the two things mentioned above are actually pretty different when you think about it. For example, I still own some CD's that I'm ashamed of, and wouldn't listen to now because they're simply horrendous. Nevertheless, I've kept them for various illogical reasons. On the flipside, there are certain artists out there now who I'd be too ashamed to be found browsing for and buying at a record store, yet when I hear them on the radio I inevitably turn the volume up.

Then today, rather coincidentally, I stumbled across this thread on in which readers were asked to share their musical guilty pleasures. Many of the answers were surprising. There was lots of Styx and Air Supply to be found, which I wouldn't necessarily consider embarassing at all..... alright, well maybe Air Supply is... but not Styx if you ignore the 'Mr. Roboto' phase. I didn't post an answer because I felt it would have just gotten drowned in the infinite number that were already posted, and no one reading who actually did pay attention would have any idea who I was.

This space though... weeellll Mr. Pickford, that's a horse of a diferent color. Virtually everyone reading this right now has some idea who I am (except those who got here by searching Google for the 'M'nah M'nah' video - sorry, I had to take it down.) Quite frankly, I've been living with this guilt for too long. I am TIRED, brothers and sisters, of rolling up my car window on a 90 degree day because House of Pain's 'Jump Around' is coming out of my speakers. (Uh Huh.) I am TIRED, brothers and sisters, of turning down the VOLUME..... when others approach because I'm listening to MILLI VANILLI! (Go 'head, child. That's right.) And I am TIRED, brothers and sisters, of tiptoeing around YOU, just because I can rap along with 'RUMPSHAKER!' (Say it.)

Yeeeesssss-uh! It's time to clean house and 'fess up. It's time to stand before my fellows and admit my guilt. The question is, are you? Yes, indeed. I invite those present to cast your sins into the comments. Once done, I, Father Eric, High Priest of the Church of the Musical Sepulchre, will look to the heavens and ask forgiveness from Keith Moon, Tupac Shakur, Jeff Buckley & Jimi Hendrix. For only then, will we see true salvation.

And no, I didn't just write that.

Without further ado......

Artists I'm embarrassed to admit I like:
  • Culture Club
  • New Edition (and their offshoot Bel Biv Devoe)
  • Pink
  • Metallica
  • P.M. Dawn
  • Chris Isaak
  • Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty.)
  • Vangelis
  • Ice-T
  • Sugar Ray
  • Nu Shooz
  • Geggy Tah
  • Duran Duran
CD's I'm ashamed to admit I own:
And there it is, folks. I'm absolved of sin and free of guilt. I offer you the chance to do the same. Later.


Blogger Jesse Anna Bornemann said...

Well, I'll jump in and say that "Poison" is high on my list of favorite car-travel songs (along with the equally embarrassing "Bust a Move" and "Funky Cold Medina").

Most of my musical sins are just too dirty to admit. But I confess that I enjoy Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight (Why Don't You Stay?)" way, way too much. The whole thing sounds like a dirty come-on from a 70 year old at a bar, but it makes great performance art.

5:32 PM  

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