Friday, July 01, 2005

Me and My Links

Ten minutes ago I was bored, so I surfed around a little and stumbled across this link. Not at all sure what to make of it, I forwarded it to Sean via Instant Messenger, who promptly gave it a small virtual chuckle (i.e. 'hehe') before then saying, "That could be the most retarded thing I've seen on the web." This coming from a developer. The conversation continued from there. Here - allow me to share some of it with you:

Sean: You didn't post today

Eric: I'm trying to figure out what to post about.

Sean: Fireworks, and how they can go off in your hand.

Eric: You think?

Sean: Yes. That would be topical. Maybe title it 'Me and My Nub.'

Needless to say, I did not follow his advice. I don't have a nub for a hand - nor does Sean as far as I know so the title, while charming, isn't necessarily apropos.

Mercifully however, I remembered what day it was (Friday!!! Before a long weekend!!!!) You remember what we do on Friday's, don't you bees and gulls? Of course! Links! So with a little further ado let's unveil today's list shall we? We already got a glimpse with floppy girl at the top of the post, there.

(Before I forget, here's the further ado: I make no promises to have new and unusual links EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY. There are days when I simply don't have the time to post, and weeks when I don't have any new links. I might make it a monthly event, rather than weekly but we shall see. Don't like it? Bitch in the comments... that's what they're there for... sort of.)

One Ring to Rule Them All - This is old news to many of you but Russian President Vladimir Putin filched a Patriots Super Bowl ring - directly from the owner. As an added bonus we get a rather enjoyable "correction" notice at the beginning of the article, and some great description as to how it was stolen. Of course Patriots owner Bob Kraft, in order to avoid an international incident, later scoffed at the media reports and claimed he did, in fact, give the Russian President a Super Bowl ring (with the word 'Kraft' written on the side. Yeah, sure Bob.) Let this be a valuable lesson in international relations to you all. "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got. I'm still Vlad from the Eastern bloc."

CLEWS - My brother is fanatic when it comes to the "true crime" genre so I sent him this link earlier. Then, as I was perusing it and saw how well done it was, didn't I say to myself, "Damn! This 'un got to go on the links post." If you're a fan of historic true crime, check it out. Darn good read.

Antville - Another blog. This one points out links to music videos. Lots of 'em.

Who's On First - I remember the first time I heard this. I was eight. My Dad and I happened to catch it on the radio while we were driving somewhere. Can't remember why they were playing it, but we busted a gut laughing. Almost got into an accident as I recall. Still as funny today.

Blogger - Many people have asked me what's necessary to start up their own blog, and if it's easy. Yes - very. This is simply a link to the service I use to get this thing off the ground. Very very simple stuff, and if you think you'd like to start your own blog up, check it out.

Boxes - The links wouldn't be complete without a game to play, would they?

Major Ripoff - An example of Nike blatantly ripping off the logo and cover art from one of the better punk bands from the 80's. A pretty funny apology was later issued by the corporate giant, but of course I can't find it now. I'll update the page later if I do.

4th of July - And for those of you in the Boston area who are thinking of heading in town for the weekends festivities, here's a link to get you started. It has most of the information you're probably looking for. I might also add that, having staked out a spot on the esplanade for the past five years or so, the fireworks are first rate... Finger snappin' good time.

And there you have it, folks. I'll probably update over the weekend, but if I don't do it - or you're not reading, allow me to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. Have fun and be safe. Later.


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Is it inappropriate for me to tell your beloved readers you just turned 30 a couple days ago? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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