Friday, June 17, 2005

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program....

Buenas Noches Los Guapos!

I'm sure you were all waiting for today's "legitimate" post with baited breath, and maybe even canceled your Friday evening plans to check in. 'Tis a shame I didn't (cancel my plans, I mean.) Anyway, I'm glad you're here. Heh. Oh - before we get started, a word on the Right Field Roof Deck seats at Fenway. As you may have read in a previous post, I attended the game on Wednesday where the Red Sox took on the Cincinnati Reds. I'm happy to say it was a winning effort, with lots of doubles on display. The night however was fuh-RIGID. A cold, damp drizzly night on the ides of June (the date so chosen so as to avoid a cold evening, go friggin' figure), it most certainly was not ideal baseball weather. Add to this the fact that the four of us were sitting in one of the highest levels of the ballpark (the seats are on top of right field - right on the ledge where the retired numbers sit) with the wind blowing in, and I was colder than Ted Williams. Did this make the seats less enjoyable? Yes, absolutely but that aside it was a generally pleasant experience. The whole area is restaurant style. Ticket holders sit at tables shaped like home plate and are served on by wait staff throughout the game. If you're purchasing seats there you have to buy either a full table (which seats four) or standing room. In either case, you would have had to enter a drawing at the beginning of the year and gotten picked to even be eligible to buy them. If you're lucky enough to get a table, the purchase price also includes $100.00 of food (per table - not per person) Almost everything on the menu ranges from $5.00 to $10.00 and was generally pretty good.... certainly better than the food the common people have to eat. I first ordered a cheeseburger that, when received, resembled raw lions meat. I ate only the outer edges before sending it back in exchange for a Cuban sandwich, which surprisingly was the genuine article - quite tasty. All told, we didn't even use the entire $100 dollars (we had $0.75 cents left) although it helped that we didn't drink any of that watered down swill they serve for beer. The view? Yeah - it was pretty good but still... right field is right field - in otherwords, you're pretty damn far from the action. So, essentially you're paying for novelty, a more comfortable atmosphere than the regular seats and better food. Would I pay do it again? Probably not. At $440 dollars ($110 each - although we paid extra because it was a "premium" game against a National League opponent) it really wasn't worth it in the respect that I'd actually like to watch the game, not chat with my friends over fine food and beverage. These seats didn't really allow you to do that - you're just too far away and I found myself paying more attention to those seated around me than the actual game. For those who like the more social setting a baseball game provides, the seats are great. I for one, am glad I got the opportunity to sit there though, and can now say I've sat in every section of the park.

Now - onto the links (all links are stolen from other blogs. I take no responsibility for your enjoyment, disappointment, or denouement - I needed another word ending in 'ment')

Since Hapland was such a big success, I give you another point and click game - this one in the style of Myst. Vagrancy even looks like those old Myst games and is about as obscure and difficult to solve. At least I'm assuming it is, since I couldn't even get out of the first room. Give it a shot, and if anyone can get out the door post some hints in the comments.

I can't remember if I posted this before.. I'm tempted to say I have but whatever - it still cracks me up.. check out some children's artwork and some wiseass's comments and accompanying grades. Very crass - you'll feel guilty for laughing.

Along those lines check out The Monster Engine - these are recreations of monster art done by young children. Some odd recreations out there, but I enjoyed it immensely. I'm silly like that.

Like optical illusions? Go here. Not much more to say, other than that page is very involved. I could only take it in measured doses. Plus, I kept trying to "outwit" the illusions and see them for the rotten fakes that they really were. Made me feel stupid.

Spoilt Victorian Child
is a blog Sean turned me on to. He offers a new MP3 track for download every day, plus some rather good accompanying commentary. Many of the tracks are quite obscure. Some good, some bad, all appreciated. Besides, you can't go wrong with a blog named Spoilt Victorian Child - great song by a great band (The Fall, in case you were unaware)

Don't like obscure pieces of music? Check out Public Domain 4 U - perhaps one of the most terrible site names I've ever encountered, but one of the best for music. Just filled with a ton of great old blues tunes - many with the authentic hiss, crackle and pop of old 45's. Phenomenal stuff.

You're tired of the Google map hacks. I know this. But this one was too scary, sneaky, controversial, and wonderful (for some.) Now residents of Florida, Texas, and Nashville can get a map to their favorite registered sex offenders house. Yeeeeikes.

Onto more amusing subjects. Here is an entry in Wikipedia (free online encyclopedia which people can edit - as you'll see) of people widely considered eccentric. Some light reading for a Friday evening.

And with that, I'm off. Pulp Fiction is on. Hope you all have a good weekend. I am now on vacation (hoooooo-RAY!!!!) and will be updating periodically throughout the weekend. Gute Nacht, jazzy jazzcats.


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