Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lazy Laundry Daze

Good heavens. It's almost 10 minutes to 7:00 and I haven't blogged yet. What's come over me? Sheesh. As late as it is, however, it is STILL the first of the month so allow me to wish you all a Happy June! June is a wonderful month, is it not? Not as good as July, mind you, but still up there. June means summer time...... alright fine - it really doesn't. It's still a spring month but whatever - I'm the author here, and I say summer. Now get to steppin'.

Alright- so obviously I don't have anything to really write about. Like I mentioned earlier, I nearly forgot to post today, so there's nothing particularly pressing. So here's where I'm at. I'm sitting in my roommates La-Z-Boy lounger which I have unofficially adopted as "my chair" because I always sit in it and he never does. The chair sits in my living room directly across from my best friend, my
television set. At the moment I am tuned to Dish Network's channel 135, BBC America, where Cash In The Attic is on. My roommate has just returned home from a run, and having seen what I'm watching, is laughing at me. He often comes home to find me watching this... he finds it particularly random, and not at all a show I would watch. I'd normally agree with him, but I AM watching the show so there goes that argument.. plus I like these hidden treasure, antique type shows from time to time. Can I tell you why I'm watching it? No, I really have no explanation other than to say it's what was on, and it provides good background chatter while I'm doing "other things" and waiting for the Red Sox broadcast to start at 7:05. The current "other things" I'm doing right now are as follows:
  • Waiting for my laundry in the dryer downstairs to dry.
  • Figuring out what to eat to dinner.
  • Trying to decide if I should pop a Pepcid before I eat dinner as I'm leaning towards Chimicangas (w/ jalapenos) which tend to be rather spicy.
  • Wondering if the severely ripped jeans I'm wearing (because I'm doing my laundry) will be accepted by Goodwill Industries.
  • Admiring my new Traditions Collection T-shirt (another plug - buy one. My friends own the brand.)
  • Hoping Tim Wakefield can once again find the magic that makes his knuckleball flutter and pop so he doesn't get crushed like he has in his last three outings.
  • Stewing over the fact that John Olerud is not in the lineup, but not stewing too much because I think Kevin Millar is a good guy.
  • Deciding I'm going to go to bed early because I'm tired today.
  • Thinking I'll watch an episode of '24' before I lie down to slumber.
I also suggest you guys check out Tim's blog where he has a link to David Lynch's morning weather report. Yes, David Lynch the director and no, I am not kidding. Funny random stuff. Kind of like David Lynch (by the way - go watch the movie The Straight Story. I watched it a few months ago and it rocketed into my Top 10 - which admittedly isn't saying much. I know it's directed by David Lynch but there are little or no dancing trolls, backwards speech, or cryptic messages. Trust me, just a fantastic film.) And there you have it. In the absence of anything profound to bitch about, I offer you a glimpse of my world right at this very moment. Exciting, isn't it? No tradsies, either. Later.


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