Friday, May 27, 2005

Weekend here yet?

Alright - so it's the Friday before (mercifully) a long weekend. What Google oriented links do I have for you today, you wonder? None actually. There's been a scarcity of good links as of late, Google or otherwise, so alas, I have no wealth to spread.....

Although there is Bottle Shoot (press space bar to reload) an addictive little flash game. Watch out for the fish. And for those of you wanting to learn how to increase your odds of winning at Blackjack, visit here - it may provide some assistance. But it's been a surprisingly busy week in Ericland, and I haven't had the opportunity to aimlessly surf with my usual gusto and joire du vivrererevere or whatever...

So - in preparation for the weekend, I'm switched to lazy mode and anxiously awaiting the end of work so I can go home and do nothing. Maybe I'll watch a few games between the Sox and Yanks although that's unlikely. My beloved scarlet hose are simply too depressing these days, and I'm in too good a state of mind to let them get me down... now, if they win - well, that's another story entirely, but honestly, I'm not even all that excited about the contests right now. In fact, I didn't know the two teams were playing each other this weekend until I read about it on this morning. So that's kind of blah.... I am reading the book 'Faithful' though, as you see on the right, which recounts some not so distant Red Sox glory days, so if things get too bad I can always turn to that. And I've got a boatload of '24' episodes waiting for me as well. But, hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can do some outdoorsy-type stuff.

Of course the good part of having little to do is that I'll have more time to write blog posts. Every once in a while, I might break my weekend silence and throw a post or two up of random nonsense... what I'm doing, where I'm going, what I'm watching.... sort of like a running diary, but I'm not going to be very strict about it. I'll just post whenever.

So there you have it. Sound like a plan? Good. Hope you all have a scrumdidiliumptious long weekend, and I'll talk to you soon. Later jazzcats.


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