Friday, May 20, 2005

Stop Repeating Yourself Repeating Yourself

Guten Tag und gl├╝cklicher Freitag.

Well - Episode III is upon us and I, for one, could not be less excited. I know, I know, I mentioned this in an earlier post so I won't rant again (although do check out the previously mentioned Darth Vader blog if you haven't yet - 'tis a gem.) I'm definitely going to see it as some point once the gathering masses stop gathering and the lines die down. If any of you have seen it already and care to share your thoughts and opinions, I'd appreciate it. Also, Tim has a recent post on the subject in which you'll find a link to a fantastic "review" in the New Yorker.

What else......

I hate to keep harping on this Google Maps bit, but you KNEW this thing was going to be hacked and exploited to death - or new life, as the case may be. Never underestimate the creativity of the geek community. Some ingenious fellow has taken the content from Gasbuddy and Google Maps and combined the two. The result? Cheap Gas - a nifty little website in which you select your city and are then shown maps to all the gas stations in your area AND their prices from lowest to highest. You can even select between regular and deisel fuels. Just remarkable. I feel like this guy deserves an award of some sort - especially given the price of gizzoline these days.

Not to be outdone, someone else has done a traffic hack (combining Google maps and Select your city - it will show you all the construction in the general area. I'm half tempted to call bull kaka on this one though, if only because it doesn't seem very comprehensive. I looked up Boston and got only four different construction areas marked off. Anyone who drives in this city knows that figure is a little.. shall we say, incomplete. Still - I don't blame the developers... they're only using the information they get from another site. And it's still neat as all hell.

What else......

In honor of Doves performance at Avalon tonight which I will not be attending, I've posted not one, but TWO tracks from their fantastic debut album, Lost Souls, in the listening section on the right. The first track, Catch the Sun, is a great little ditty that makes you want to jump around in a field and be happy. The Bonus track, Rise, is decidely more somber.... I think. I've owned the album for five years and I still have no idea what the hell the lead singer is saying - such are the problems with remixing these days - so I can't really tell you what the song is about. It's a great sounding tune though - sad, but hopeful is the best description I can think of - and almost anyone I've ever made a mix for in recent years will recognize it. One of my favorites.

What else......

Oh, yes! There will be baseball this weekend! I'll be in attendance as the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (AA-Toronto) take on the Reading Phillies (AA-Duh) this Sunday (provided the rain stays away.) I'm torn. Do I root for geography here or the Papa team they represent? If I root for geographical location, clearly I side with New Hampshire - but given that they're a farm club for the Toronto Blue Jays, who inhabit the American League East with my beloved Red Sox - well, I feel like cheering them on would be sacrilege. Plus, I have roots in Reading, PA - sort of. My father is from there and my uncle still lives in the area. I think I may have to jump on the Reading train this time, folks. Sorry. On the plus side though, I do get to see Toronto catcher Gregg Zaun, who'll be rehabbing with the Fisher Cats this weekend whilst trying to recover from a concussion.

What else......

Nothing. That's all I got. Have a good weekend, amigos.


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