Monday, May 09, 2005

I Ain't Got Nuthin'

Forgive the late post today folks. Crazy busy day which started very early and didn't particularly let up. Didn't particularly matter anyway though because I didn't have anything to write about. I still don't actually so I figure I'll take this time to go random and jot down whatever comes into my head. Call it a stream of consciousness blog entry.. enjoy, or not:
  • I love my television. I also love my satellite dish. But why the hell is NESN unavailable in high definition for satellite TV subscribers? Only cable gets the HD feed. Talk about Bass-ackwards. On the plus side though I do get all the Sirius satellite music stations... hooray for Sirius Chill 64
  • Instant Messenger is a wonderful invention but it can get annoying... particularly when people don't leave you alone. What's a polite way to tell people to shut up?
  • Holy Crap. Manny Ramirez just got hit in the head with a breaking ball that didn't break. That's one way to find out you're not having a good day....
  • The knot in my slippers keeps coming undone... on both feet. They have those weird thick leather laces you often see on doxiders. I need to learn how to tie some stronger knots. But why do my slippers have laces?
  • This is much more difficult than you would think. I'm trying not to think of anything nasty or profane. I don't want to have to write it down. My parents may read it.
  • New tires rule.
  • I have three stuffed animal thingies. Two of them - Beaker (from the Muppets) and Mr. Peabody (from Sherman and Mr. Peabody on the old Bullwinkle cartoons - you remember them, don't you? 'Sherman, set the wayback machine to 1492.') They are both sitting on top of one of my speakers and staring at me. Beaker's mouth is agape, as it often is. Mr. Peabody is looking rather shrewd and sly. I think he's up to something and I think Beaker knows what it is but is too scared to say anything. Plus he can only make 'Meep Meep' sounds. I think the mastermind behind this evil plot is Sleepytime Grover who sits in the armchair in my bedroom. Innocent monster, indeed. It's all a ruse. There's something sinister behind that happy-go-lucky exterior. What lies underneath that nightcap of his?
  • Currently on the stereo: The Land of Green Ginger by The Orb. Might explain my bizarre mood.
  • I love Netflix. Kept me sane during my months of unemployment back in '01 & '02. I hate Blockbuster for completely driving them into the ground. Actually hate is a very strong term. I shouldn't use it. If I hate someone or something I'm giving them too much of my time already. So I'll just say I extremely dislike Blockbuster.
  • The plants in this apartment are in desperate need of watering.
  • One thing about living in the barrio is the smell. It's really good. People in this area must really know how to cook. It's also very loud and the people are generally too lazy to get out of their cars and ring the doorbell as I'm finding out for the umpteenth time tonight. They lean on their horn until whomever it is they're trying to get in touch with comes out. I want to throw something at them that will hurt. Someone should teach them how to use some other communication device..... like maybe a phone.
  • I wish the Sneaker Pimps had released one more quality album. Becoming X is fantastic... and then that lead singer lady left the band. Buh-LAH!
  • I haven't smoked in 3+ years but I still miss cigarettes from time to time. Now is one of those times. But to indulge would be foolishness. Plus I'm already in my hospital scrubs - which I use as pajamas. I don't know why I didn't just write "I'm in my pajamas."
  • Antiques Roadshow has made me afraid to throw anything out.
  • Back to the Red Sox... they've scored four runs so far and not one of them has been scored on a hit. Crazy.
  • Trot Nixon still has Bob Seger like facial hair. When he shaved his head during the playoffs two years ago he looked like a member of the Aryan Nation. That said, he just hit a two run double so who's to argue with his grooming techniques. Go Trot.
  • I desperately need a vacation. I'm thinking Europe again... or maybe Montana. Seriously. Any other suggestions out there?
  • I'm thirsty... think it's time for an herbal tea.
  • Did you hear about the psychic midget that escaped from prison? Police said they were looking for a small medium at large.
  • That last comment is almost certainly a surefire indication it's time to call "finished" on today's post.
  • Finished. Talk to you folks tomorrow where I hope to (mercifully) have something good to write.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try Iceland, but take a tour...don't do it on your own.

London is always cool.

I hear they have some pretty good herbal teas in Amsterdam.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure what you are looking for in a vacation. I highly recommend Vieques Island. Quiet, secluded, rent a jeep and off road to the MOST AMAZING beaches. Y puedes hablar en espanol....though everybody speaks English. But don't spread it's the Carribean's best kept secret.

9:14 PM  

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