Thursday, April 28, 2005

Deeep Breaths

Feeling much better than I was after last night's post. Actually got a whopping 7 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, and was able to write some stuff this morning without my mind wandering all over the place. The day is off to a good start.

Couple of things worth mentioning today:

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time writing some rather long posts thus far in the early stages. I enjoyed writing them. I hope you enjoyed reading them, but I think it's getting a bit much. Not sure how you folks feel about being presented with a blog post longer than the total amount of print in the Boston Metro, but I can think of some stuff I'd like to do in part of the time it takes to write them - like watch 'Pimp My Ride.' (Kidding - but you know, me and one of the bus drivers at work who I share an office with submitted an application to get one of the school buses here pimped. Can you imagine? A bunch of timid Japanese girls riding down to Reservoir station in a pimped out ghetto blaster school bus on hydraulics? I'm still pissed we didn't get picked.) Anyway - if I'm going to continue doing this on an almost daily basis, some of my posts are going to have to be of the short and sweet variety. Otherwise, I'll quickly run out of stuff to write about and time to write it in.... not to mention lose my job. Worry not - the lengthy reviews, ramblings, and rants will still occur - just not with their regular frequency. I'm also going to try to post around the same time each day (probably mornings but don't hold me to it), and will be working on some of the site design over the next few weeks. If it looks REALLY weird from time time, it's not you - it's me. Moving on....

Tom Cruise is now dating Katie Holmes. Huh. First time I've ever been jealous of that man. Hopefully she'll come to her senses and realize that dating a Scientologist was idiot move #1. I mean, talk about baggage..... And no ladies, I don't want to hear it (every woman I know gets annoyed when I mention Katie Holmes and 'ridiculously attractive' in the same sentence. Never been able to figure that out.)

Any of you folks Tetris fans? Stupid question - I can think of at least three regular readers who have professed their addictions. Well - check out this game called Fulfillment, then. Basically you control the various shapes and have to arrange them so that they fit perfectly within the given square... Number of shapes and their dimensions gets more difficult as the game goes on... and oh yes, there's a time limit. Seems simple and stupid, but it's addictive as hell... kind of like Tetris.

That's all I got for now. Have a great rest of day folks.


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