Friday, April 15, 2005

Runners & Revolutions

Alright, so I've spent the better part of two days trying to get this thing working correctly, and I think we're finally in business. I was able edit the links on the right, as well as get rid of that atrocious navigation bar at the top. Don't laugh - those were huge accomplishments for me. Understand my HTML knowledge is limited to the most basic of commands (i.e. I suck at designing web pages.) You should have seen what I had done earlier... I got a little too big for my Underoos and tried to include some "What I'm Reading", "What I'm Watching" and "What I'm Listening To" links on the sidebar complete with thumbnail images and everything. Although my code was a mess, I was grossly misusing my HTML tags and violating all sorts of web-design ettiquite I'm sure, the site looked good in one browser (Firefox) and terrible in another (IE), so I was forced to abandon ship until I have the time this weekend to deal with it. Plus the book is boring, the CD skips, and the movie could benefit from more gratuitious sex and wanton violence because it certainly wasn't provoking any thought. In otherwords, you'd yawn.

Are y'all ready for the long weekend, chill'un? What holiday are we celebrating, then? Patriots Day? Ah yes - the battle of Lexington & Concord. The shot heard 'round the world! I'll stay in bed when it goes off, thanks. I've thought about going to the reenactment in previous years, but always talked myself out of it. This year is no exception. I'll be seeing Garbage at the Avalon the night before (HoooRAY! FYI - concert and new CD reviews to come after the show) and don't plan on going anywhere on Monday other than to watch some friends running the marathon.... provided they don't pull an Uta Pippig in mid-run. No Uta's allowed!! And if you don't know what I'm talking about... well, nevermind.

Oh yes, one more thing. In light of all the tomfoolery that's been going on this week between the Red Sox & Yankees (specifically Mr. Sheffield and certain of the Boston Royal Rooters), please allow me to steal a page out of Tim's book and post a little photo reminding everyone where the rivalry currently stands.


Blogger Tim said...

It really is one of my favorite photos, and destined to be an all-time classic. Like Ruby shooting Oswald, like Armstrong on the moon, this is a photo that will add to the American vernacular.

10:58 AM  

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