Friday, April 22, 2005

Yay Friday, Running Fools and Other Shenanigans

What's the haps, amigos? Quick post 'fo the weekend gets underway..... you know how I hate to keep my fans waiting and all. Going to see The Interpreter tonight... Don't know what it's about, don't know how long it is, don't know if it's any good. I do know that Sean Penn & Nicole Kidman are in it, and that I find Nicole Kidman slightly irritating. However, I'm willing to overlook that for art and entertainment purposes. I like going into movies blind, so to speak. No raised or lowered expectations, etc... I'll let you know which way my thumb is pointing after I see it.

A few of you have mentioned that you've had difficulty leaving comments... a few of you don't bother leaving comments and would rather send me e-mails instead. Either one is fine, but if you can't leave a comment or would like to send me an e-mail re: this blog, I would ask that you send your diatribes to All my other addresses are still valid too however, so you can use one of those if you have 'em. Oh - who am I kidding... Just keep doing what you're doing.... I'll adapt nicely.

Yo - if you haven't jumped on the Google satellite Maps bandwagon yet, you're, like, so behind the times, dude. I've received numerous e-mails from people pointing out this service (special props going out to Andrew and Tom for being the trailblazers) which is basically like any other Mapquest type deal but with actual aerial satellite photos as your map. Fuhhhhh-REAKY stuff. Go get some proper directions and stop being such a square, daddy-o. Oh, yeah - and if you don't have anywhere to go and therefore don't need a map, check out some of these aerial views of various landmarks.. but feel free to avoid Yankee Stadium - it's a s***hole.

HUGE congratulations to my friends (and maybe yours) Marty & Maria who ran the Boston Marathon this Monday and both finished with times the rest of us probably couldn't bike:

Maria finished with a time of 3:32:10 and Marty did a 3:38:41. Well done to both of you slackers (photo to come soon as soon as my server decides to cooperate)


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