Sunday, May 29, 2005

Little Johnny Wants to Play

No sooner did I get down to Copley Square and grab my tea then the token "ominous storm clouds" moved in and the rather predictable drip, drip, drip soon followed. Not wanting to take a 2nd shower, I hightailed it back to Back Bay station, whereupon entering I was greeted by a boatload of yellow tape and MBTA police officers. At first I thought part of the roof had caved in, noticing the huge area that had been roped off, but as I made my way through the turnstile and noticed all the blood spatter and numbered orange pylons indicating evidence, it became quite clear that something a little more serious than a ceiling break had ocurred. I hung around for a little bit and got to watch an actual C.S.I team at work, but I still have no idea what actually happened at the station. No one around had any idea either, and everyone seemed surprisingly ambivalent about the whole thing - as if this was a common ocurrence in the lovely Back Bay... just take no notice, mind the yellow tape and head through the turnstiles, dahling. Bizarre stuff, indeed. Anyway - I'm figuring I'll read about it in tomorrow's paper.

So - essentially I went to Copley Square for a cup of black tea and a crime scene. Not how I envisioned spending my afternoon, but at least it wasn't dull and the tea was superb. It is now raining the proverbial buckets, and there are some nasty lightning strikes and thunder claps to go with it. "Ominous" day indeed. However, I am now off to the 'rents house for my typical Sunday dinner with them - a dinner I often look forward to due to the great company and fantastic food. Catch you later, amigos.


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