Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Communists Vs. Scarlet Hose

Quick check-in today, amigos. I've been going at full tilt for the past two days. My beloved Flo (that's my car, people - my car) had to be brought in for recall service yesterday. The rear door latches apparently had a tendency to corrode and thus open at inopportune times - like when you're doing 70 down the Pike. While they fixed that I also kindly asked them to fix whatever was causing the puddle of water leaking into the passenger footwell every time it rained (not an old vehicle - an '02 with 30,000 miles) They set about their tasks with vigor and in the end, although it took the entire day, the problems were fixed and I paid nothing, because recall work is free and the water leak was under warranty. Hooah. Other than that, it's been a typical June week with lots of birthdays, housewarmings, get-togethers and everything else. Tonight is no exception, I, along with three of my nearest and dearest, will be watching those smart-mouthed youngins' from Cincinnati (also known as the 'Reds') take on my beloved Boston Red Sox from the right field roof deck seats at Fenway. I'm very excited about this. These are those new restaurant style seats (complete with tables and wait staff) that sit right on top of the retired number display. In order to even be eligible to purchase them you have to enter a drawing at the beginning of the year and hope to get picked. Luckily enough......

So - I chose today's game thinking it would be a nice warm day in mid-June. All I can say to that now is pshaw! The heatwave we had heretofore been experiencing vanished yesterday in rather rapid fashion, and we are now stuck with fall like temperatures and a very slight drizzle. Crappity crap, crap, crap. But hey - it should still be an enjoyable evening provided it doesn't rain any harder. I'm fairly well bundled up (and kind of embarassed to be so at this late date) so off I go. Stay tuned... I'll have a game/seat summary a little later on.


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