Friday, November 04, 2005


Alright - close your eyes. Deep breath in....... then........ exhaaaaaaale.

Heh. Reminds me of my smoking days, but I just did that little breathing exercise. T'was a symbolic gesture, don't you know. It's exactly 3:30 right now, and I am officially 1 1/2 hours away from vacation. Huzzah!!! Yeah, I said it. I'm at work and typing a blog post. The day before a vacation should be spent in preparation of the real thing - you know, just to make sure you're ready and all. I must say, few things are as exciting as knowing you are only moments away from not having to show up to work for a week. Wouldn't you agree? My mind is full to bursting with various ideas on what to do with the time, and the one that seems to be trumping all the others right now is....... nothing.

I'm one of those people who always forgets that there's vacation there to be taken. As a result, every October (regardless of employer), either my boss or the Human Resources rep comes waddling along, utters a big sigh, and says, "Lookee here, son. We need to talk about your vacation." This October was no exception, and when I found out how much time I had left (13 days), I let out a surprised little "Yip!" Trouble with this attitude is I rarely plan anything to do with the time, so I rather hurriedly look for things that sound like fun. As you may recall, the last vacation I took, my pops and I took a rather spur of the moment three day trip to down-east Maine. Good times. This time around, though, I'm staying local, if only because I'm fairly certain I'll be traveling to Houston in February (and thereby contradicting everything I just wrote) and it would do to save some cash in anticipation of that little jaunt. Plus, Boston is such a kick-ass city one can always find something to do on a moment's notice. So, I figure I'll enjoy what's already around me rather than go someplace else searching for it. Tonight is a good example, actually - the posse is heading out to see a yet to be determined film (my vote is for Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang although the other options sound half-decent.)

I still have a little bit to go before I get there though, and I feel like there's still a shitload left to do. My desk is a mess (it's an IT thing. Show me an IT person with a clean desk and I'll show you a person you need to fire), but I feel like I should at least shuffle the papers and computer parts a little so they at least
look neat. Why this urge to clean things up before I take a week off? Got me. I mean, for God's sake, I share a basement office with two bus drivers who also use the place as a locker room. Cleanliness is not a high priority. I guess it's just my little effort to convince myself things will be calm and orderly when I return. They won't be, but one can always put on a good front. Hell, for the past five years I've managed to sucker people into thinking I can fix computers. Maybe I can sucker myself into thinking I'll have nothing to do a week from Monday. So, off I go to shuffle desk items, write "Out Of Office" replies and leave voicemail greetings saying, "If this is an emergency, please call (insert unknowing dupe here) at extension XXXX."

I will back in a couple of days (maybe sooner) with tales of my exploits and a progess report on the breathing exercises.
And if you're really bored.. check out this listing of good quotations by famous people. Perfect for any e-mail signature or yearbook quote. My favorite?
"People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid."
- Soren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855)
No idea who the hell that guy is, but he utters a mean quote. Later folks.


Blogger *~mad munky~* said...

ah, the countdown to the holiday.. i always end up staying so late at the office the day before i disappear..trying manically to do all those things that i didn't do when i had the chance...usually have to be thrown out of the building by security :o)

7:39 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

Vacation! You lucky duck! Hope you're having a good time!

3:40 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Thankfully security didn't have to escort me out... in fact, they kept me longer than I would have liked, peppering me with questions about computers and such. They're decent folk, however, so I didn't mind. Thanks for your comments. I took the liberty of clicking your profile link to try and figure out if you were someone I knew (nope), to discover that you write a fantastic blog.

Oh, and Sean I'm talking to Magic Monkey here, but your blog is awesome too.

4:10 PM  

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