Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hello Sherman

Well, I'm back.


In fact, I think this deserves to be announced with an exclamation! Raise the roof! Shout it on high! Uh Huh! Get loud, boys and girls. Eric the Red is back and screaming through your network. Like Steven Tyler sang, "I'm BAAACK!" Like LL Cool J rapped, "Don't call it a comeback! I've been here for years!" Like Toto sang......

Nevermind - you get the point. As I mentioned in the last post, I am the proud owner of a new computer, and as such, am able to spend much of my free time trying to bore you lot with the details of a monotonous existence. And oh, how I loooove this new computer. The beast, which I am typing on now while grooving to Fiona Apple (yeah, I know), is a behemoth notebook from Dell. It's got a 17 inch widescreen monitor, dual layer DVD burner (that means it can copy full length commercial DVD's with the exact same quality as the original - provided you have the software to do it and are willing to break a few copyright laws. I, of course, would never encourage such behavior, but the fact remains it can be done... if one wanted to... I'm just saying... I mean, Netflix is great too....), a gigabyte of RAM, and a lot of other bells and whistles. Best of all, I bought it refurbished from the Dell Outlet so I saved myself a good chunk of change. I just hope the fact that it's refurbished doesn't mean the motherboard is going to melt in a months time, but hopefully I have enough mad skillz to fix what issues, if any, may arise.

Still, the decision to purchase the thing was not an easy one. I've mentioned before that big money purchases scare me shitless, and this bad boy certainly qualified. When my old computer pooped the bed, the logical thing to do would have been to simply replace it, right? Still, I did anything I could to try and talk myself out buying it:

"No one reads Shirky Words anymore. You're a has-been."

"You can't afford it. Buy this computer and you can kiss the house, any future marriage, your next pair of shoes, your car, your apartment, and your pride goodbye."

"Take the money you'd spend and give it to the people who actually NEED it, you selfish friggin' bastard."

"You've already read the Internet anyway. It's time to move on. Find a new hobby. Stop isolating! Go do something! Experience life! See the world around you! Smell the flowers! Carpe Diem!!"


In the end, I told myself the voices in in my head were nothing but the voices in my head. Some of them may be speaking the truth, but I chose to ignore them. As someone who fixes computers for a living, it would make sense that I have a computer at home. Plus, as this here blog indicates, I enjoy writing and hope to gradually improve my writing skills. The only way I know how to do that is to keep writing (and reading, but that's another story.) While I can, and often do, write in longhand, I must admit that I miss both the spelling and grammar checks. Plus, if I ever get back to the point where I'm ready to, God forbid, submit something, I think it should look a little more professional than chicken scratch on lined notebook paper (although that's ALL the rage these days.)

So, I made the leap and bought Mr. Peabody, here. Yeah, that's it's name. Now, before you go calling me dork times twelve for naming my computer, I'll remind you that any computer running Windows HAS to be named, for complicated reasons I won't get into here. When Windows prompted me to name this thing I didn't want to name it something so original as "ERICSCOMPUTER" or anything like that. No, names are important and reflective of character. Instead, I looked up and saw my stuffed Mr. Peabody dog (as in Sherman and Mr. Peabody from the Bullwinkle cartoons) sitting on my speaker and thought, "You know, Mr. Peabody is the Mac Daddy Pimp, not to mention the man behind the Wayback Machine. He'll do nicely." And there it was. My computer had an identity. (Incidentally, I plan on going through the same process when I have children some day. My first born son will be named Grover. The second, Beaker. The rest will be determined as necessary. And no, my wife won't have a say. In fact, I'm thinking of marrying a mute to help facilitate this whole process.)

So, consider this the first post of my second coming. Although posts will be more frequent, things will start off slowly as I'm still quite busy at work. But at least now, I'm back on the Intarweb, and rolling along again. Now I just need to find something to write about. Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to 1997.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your purchase. It is about time....(this coming from a person that has no fewer than 4 computers at home).
-you know who

9:19 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

I work in the technology industry. I can think of three people off the top of my head that have four computers at home. So unfortunately I don't really "know who", but your sentiments are appreciated nonetheless.

9:08 AM  

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