Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Gets No Bread With One Meatball

Errands and a desire to get into bed at a reasonable hour prevent me from posting anything of length tonight. However, it's times like this when Boing Boing and YouTube save the day.

We have here two rather rare videos of blues artist Josh White, whom I'm familiar with from my days working the board during the late night Blues show at my college radio station. Watching/listening to these bits makes me wonder why I didn't pay more attention to him at the time.

This first video is one of him singing 'John Henry' (no, not the current Red Sox owner) with Burl Ives (he of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and 'Holly Jolly Christmas' fame), Will Geer & Winston O'Keefe. Some great video/sound quality for a YouTube video, much less one that was originally filmed in 1941.

Sadly, I'm not able to embed the next clip in the blog - I can only link to it - but trust me, it's a good'un (and also where I got the post's title.) Josh White singing 'One Meatball.' Some more excellent stuff.

I love these old timey musical performances - particularly those of blues and jazz musicians. Netflix will be shipping me the Ken Burns' Jazz series soon which I'm hoping will be chock full of them. Although, Disc 1 seems to have gone mysteriously missing on their end so I might have to get it from the public library.

Anyway, if you're into this type of stuff too, you might want to check out 'The Real Blues Archive' also located on YouTube. It contains over 600 videos of live Blues performances - many of them utter gems. Enjoy.

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