Monday, June 25, 2007

What Now, Farmer Jones?!?

You can keep your chipmunk. Now, THIS is funny.

The image you see below looks like it could be a photo of one of the many crop formations "mysteriously" found on farms all over England and New Zealand, and most notably, on the cover of the first Led Zeppelin box set (which I still own - on cassette - and is currently in storage under my bed.)

Some would have you believe these formations are caused by aliens, and were it still 1990, I might have been naive enough to fall for such an argument (although apparently, some people still are.) As the link above shows however, crop circles have long been considered to be hoaxes - albeit very artistically pleasing ones.

Or, at least, most of them are. Alas, the crop formation you see below wasn't created by an artist's collective, or even an alien being. Rather, it was masterfully etched in corn by a cocaine addict in Holland who apparently would stop at nothing to evade police capture. He drove his father's car into the field and created the masterpiece you see before you now - completely ruining the farmer's crop in the process.

I really shouldn't be chuckling so much. After all, this is someones livelihood. It's just that I could so clearly envision the proverbial old farmer in the straw hat - blade of wheat between his teeth - coming out to find his crop in such a mess, and throwing a fit - like something out of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid. But still, the farmer may yet get his day in the sun. I propose that Linkin Park, or some other band equally full of suckitude, release their own box set and throw this photo on the cover, giving the farmer a portion of the royalties. Not only would it be incredibly fitting, symbolically showing the distinct difference between the two bands and clearly indicating which is superior, but it would sell like hotcakes making everyone happy - most of all Farmer Jones. Sound good? Good. And we call the war on drugs a failure...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! Imagine that poor farmer screaming at the top of his lungs in Hollandish! I bet his coke-addicted son knew exactly what he was doing... screw the cops, these crops, AND my old man!

1:01 PM  

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