Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'll Have The Chicken... Preferably Cooked

Quick check-in while I work on my final project for class (create your own database) and rehab my aching back (went a little overboard at the gym. Did a little too many of those lower back exercises and now it's been screaming in protest for the last couple of days. Oh well.) Anyway, this is going to be one of those cop-out "follow-up" posts which will suffice until I have enough time to write a real one.

Many of you may remember my post from three months ago regarding the trials and tribulations of Joe Waiter. In it I mentioned how crazy a job it can be at times, how one often has to deal with patrons who are both rude and stupid, how it's demanding both physically and mentally, etc... What I didn't say much of was how one should act as a paying customer. Basically, it amounted to, "People are too rude to their servers too often. Stop being fresh. Play nice." You would think most people know how to do that, but it's easy to find yourself wandering astray, even when you have the best of intentions. Thankfully, the Weekly Dig (one of Boston's alterna-newspapers - you know, the kind that only qualified hipsters are allowed to read) has as their feature story a guide of sorts. They went around to lots of restaurants and asked a whole bunch of waiters what kind of things made both a good and bad customer, and why it's beneficial to you to be the former. Since I'm in a good mood today, and all about being nice, I thought I'd pass it along.

(Oh, and about this nice thing... although this doesn't tie in with the post - at all - I'll just mention that I thought last night's booing of Johnny Damon was a disgrace. It made me embarrassed to be a Red Sox fan. That guy worked his ass off for the four years he was here, and was ABSOLUTELY instrumental in bringing a World Series to Boston, yet we couldn't see fit to give him just one (ONE!) standing ovation to thank him for his years here.

"Yeah, but it's the YANKEES!!" you say.

Yeah, but nothing. Is it too much to ask to show a little love just once? Then, we'd have been free to let him go, and boo the shit out of him. But no, we HAD to play the victim once again. We HAD to let him know that we were, as always, severely wronged. Whatever. That was a semi-cute shtick when we were in the middle of an 86 year World Championship drought. Now, it just makes us look like spoiled children and tells the rest of the baseball watching world that we are, indeed, a bunch of assholes for a fan base. Grow up and show some class, Red Sox Nation. I'd write an entire post about this if I had the time but... arggh... Fine. Back to being nice.)

Yeah, so check out that "good customer" guide and remember to act accordingly the next time you go out to a restaurant. It'll make everyone happy and you'll be less likely to get your food tampered with. Now, back to work for me. I'll check in again soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Relating to this post: I would have cheered Johnny. A quick standing ovation would have been appropriate and classy. We'll have at least 8 more chances to boo the crap out of him.

Regarding your last post: Did you see Napolean Dynamite? If so, what's the deal w/ this one? I saw so much of this movie's junk at Newbury Comics. I found it amusing but wonder if I've missed some obvious point to this flick.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

I didn't see Napoleon Dynamite and based on the opinions of the few friends I know who have seen it, I probably won't bother. Maybe I'll throw it in the the Netflix queue once I get through the list in the previous post.

My impression (as much as I can have one without having seen it) is that it's funny in the way that South Park is funny - i.e. risque humor often at someone else's expense. I've heard that it's a very mean film. For many people that's hilarious. Shock value humor tends to sell lots of accessories and burn itself into the popular culture. At least it did at one point. I think people might slowly be starting to get tired of it now... Anyway, thems my two cents.

1:55 PM  

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