Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We're Doomed

Hi folks.

Just popping in briefly during a break in class to tell you that the end is nigh.

"Aha!" you say, "it would appear that the sense of doom and foreboding I've had all week was premonition. I'm glad I surfed over to Murky Words so Eric can give me the REAL scoop."

Yes, that's correct. Tomorrow (April 5th) at 1:02 AM (and three seconds) it will be exactly 01:02:03:04:05:06. See? This graphic courtesy of Boston.com makes it look even neater (neater? more neat? wicked cool? whatever....)

(Isn't that cool? Reminds me of the album cover of The Police's 'Ghost In The Machine'... um... I guess it also reminds me of an alarm clock, but 'Ghost In The Machine' has more cachet.)

Although I don't know what tragedy will befall us when the 3rd second chimes on the second minute of the 1st hour on the 5th day of the 4th month in the two thousand and sixth year of the common era, but I'm sure if you did a little research on the web you could find some wacko doomsday nutball who could spell it all out for you. There's bound to be some significance between the time/date and our impending doom.

Of course, being that it's now 7:45 PM and the cataclysmic event is due to happen in a little over four hours from now, most of you will probably be dead by the time you're reading this (assuming you're reading this at work - and no, if you read this, there probably isn't much difference between your alive self and your dead self. That's why nobody said anything when you walked in the door.) If that's the case, you have my most sincere apologies. Hopefully your life was well lived and you met some neat people along the way. Sorry -
I would have warned you earlier, but this damned class... it's taking up all of my time. But don't you worry, I'll walk the dog and collect the mail while you're gone.

Of course, you're probably thinking that's a load of hooey. If the world ended, that would mean I'm dead too which would make mail collection and pet watching a near impossibility. Nay, nay Nostradamus! Not so fast! Haven't you remembered that I'm the devil and as such, I get to take advantage of this thing called immortality? Well, you should be very grateful because it means the blog posts and the downloadable mp3's will continue - at least for the near future. Right now though, I have to go back to class and learn how to create a subquery with an aggregate function. It's true what they say... that Lucifer is kinda dumb. Toodles.

P.S. By the way, I'm VERY excited that baseball season is upon us again and that the Red Sox are back in my life... er, death... life. Just an FYI - the Boston Nine are exempt from armageddon. They got dispensation because they have to go out and win the World Series again. The Yankees though... they've already been sent straight to hell.


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