Friday, March 24, 2006

Madman's Links

The dilemma is this. A blog post is most certainly in order, but I don't particularly have the time to write one right now. Plus, I'm irritated. My beloved car, Flo, which I brought in for service yesterday, is now being kept over the weekend because the clutch pedal assembly they ordered (that was supposed to be in today) didn't arrive. I am now stuck with a dealer rental, which the gentleman at the dealer said he would "help me out on" - whatever that means. Grrrr. I want my car... not some former test drive vehicle that reeks of cigarette smoke.

So, although I know many of you have come here looking for some way to kill time at the end of the work week, I'm going to have to insist that you go elsewhere for your fun. Seriously. I'm too busy, too tired, and too caustic at the moment to write anything like a normal post. It would all come out as a mess of contemptuous vitriol, which while probably mildly entertaining, would not be good for my mental and spiritual health.


Fine. I can at least point you in the right direction. Here are a few funnies and time killers which have been forwarded/brought to my attention this week. Given the state I'm in, they don't currently provide any entertainment value. However, once upon a time (like earlier today) I found them quite funny/enjoyable. Hopefully you will too:

Leprechaun in Mobile, AL: Courtesy of my friend Andrew who forwarded this to me today. Obviously a slow news day in Mobile. At first I was simply aghast, unable to tell if this was a real news story. It is, and damn funny in an unintentional sort of way.

Classic IQ Test: Not a full IQ test, but still fun to take, and may give you an idea of where you stand if you've never taken one before. Be forewarned though - most people I know who took this said it came back lower than both their expectations and any scores they received when they took a full-fledged IQ test. I didn't have that problem. My result just simply said, "Yo, you stoopid."

The Museum of Bad Album Covers: I posted a link to 'The Worst Album Covers of all time" way back when. This expands upon that topic, obviously.

Car Care: A site I should have looked at before I brought my car in for service.

3 Lines: Eliminate the tiles by connecting them with three lines or less... or something like that. Think Minesweeper meets Mah Johngg.

That's it for today. I'm of to stew and watch NCAA Basketball. Maybe I'll check in over the weekend. Toodles.


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