Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Little Man!

THAT little scoundrel is my newest nephew, Colin. He decided to pay us a visit on Monday at about 10:40 AM after a trip that only took a little under two hours. Once he got here, he announced that that he'd like to stick around for a little while, and asked my sister, her husband, and their other son if they would agree to put him up and feed him during that time. He didn't yet know his precise dates of stay, but he figured it would be somewhere in the area of eighteen years or so, figuring at that point he'd probably work, go to college or something of that nature. He did reserve the right to stay longer if necessary, however. My sister and her family graciously agreed and took him in as one of their own - the only conditions being that they be allowed to teach him how to eat, speak, walk, run, poop, jump, sing, dance, cry, laugh, read, ride a bicycle, be friendly to everyone else, and give lots of hugs. He seemed up to the task and although a little scared at first, genuinely enthusiastic and eager to get started. In fact, he's already got the "cry", "eat", and "poop" things down pat.

He's also already got looks in his favor, which is saying something. As I was telling a friend in an e-mail yesterday, most newborn babies are butt ugly and get progressively more adorable with each passing day. It's just a known fact. Colin, in his infinite wisdom, seems to have decided to skip over ugly and start out as "damn cute." This will give him an edge on the competition and, assuming he progresses at a normal pace, will ensure that he's a rico suave Don Juan by adulthood. I've even given him a nickname already to help further distinguish him from his peers - "Little C-Note." I suspect my sister may have a word with me about that one, though.

But, whatever. Now is not the time to agonize over minutiae. Rather, make sure to give a hearty "Hello and Welcome" to Master Colin if you should you run into him, and if you have time, impart some wisdom which will help keep him healthy & happy.

Lastly, to my sister and her family, a loving Congratulations! You done good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Tom know his son is on the internet??? This does breech confidentiality, you know!!! And you know how much he loves that!!!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Now hold on. What's the real breech of confidentiality here? The fact that I posted a picture of a baby who happens to be named Colin (of which there are literally hundreds of?) Or the fact that that you took it one step further and decided to mention that his father's name was Tom?

Think before you speak, dear sister.

2:56 PM  

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