Friday, December 16, 2005

Deck The Links

Posting three days in a row? Well, stranger things have happened, I guess. Anyway, I got a late start on this post so let's just jump right in, shall we? As promised - Friday Links. I know it's Christmas Season, but I'm feeling a little retro today so many of today's links will feature the proverbial "walk down memory lane." Often times these are my memories - not yours - so I'll try not to bore you too much.

Yesbutnobutyes: Where Are They Now? - Yeah, I know VH1 or some other monstrosity of a "music channel" has a 'Where Are They Now?" themed show, but the people they focus on are often people you wanted to forget anyway. Do I really want to know what happened to the lead singer of Winger? (Flipping burgers) No, not really. Anyway, yesbutnobutyes has their own "Where Are They Now" post and it features some gems. Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? The Cast from Friday the 13th? The White Shadow? It's all there, baby.

So, Unafraid, He Faced The Setting Sun - Newspaper ads from the 1920's and 30's, before there were things like market research and purchase analysis. Kinda cheesy, kinda fun.

AA/Al-Anon Comic Strips - Dear God. As the description on the site says, "A very obscure and complete set of the 1968 - 1974 Alcoholics Anonymous comic strips." These are a hoot. I'm not quite sure which fine publication picked up these beauties, but I can only hope those who needed to hear their message did - even if I'm not quite sure what the message is. And if they didn't... well, nevermind... I'm too busy chuckling to type anything more on this one. Just know that #26 of 95 is priceless. Let's move on.

Allston Rock City - Now this is something special. I spent many days of my formative years idling the time away in the beloved Allston section of Boston. I hung out with my friends there. I developed my keen musical tastes there. I learned how to be a snarling cynic there. In short, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Yeah, it's a slimy dump. Yeah, there are too many pain-in-the-ass drunken college students. But, next to the Back Bay, there is not an area of the city with more class, culture, and attitude all rolled into one. I miss going to the all age metal shows at Bunratty's and buying my cigarettes illegally at the Chinese Food Store on Harvard Ave. Now Bill T. Miller, who deserves a Pulitzer, has put together this photo essay of sorts which I have immediately bookmarked. Also check out the Mr. Butch page for info and a video clip on a true Boston institution. He's cut his dreds since I knew him, but he's definitely still the same old Mr. Butch.

1949 NWCA Candy Salesman Book - More ads. This from a 1940's candy catlalog, like the link says. No particular reason for posting this other than it seemed to fit.

The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff: High School Reunion - Quick! Quick! Quick! Go to this page now if you want this link description to make any sense. The Smudge of Ashen Fluff is, from what I can gather, a music based blog with some fantastic tunes available for download. On yesterday's post he made available an entire collection of songs from 1980's high school movies like Pretty In Pink and Sixteen Candles and called the compilation High School Reunion Uncovered for reasons.. well, you'll see why - too much for me to explain. In the post he mentions that he'll be taking the tracks down tomorrow (Friday, December 16th) but as I write this post they are still up and available for download. I was fortunate to grab 'em all. Hopefully you will be too. There's some gems in there. Special thanks to Chris S. for pointing this one out.

Cute Overload - A blog that does nothing but "scour the web for the finest in cute imagery." Many of the images involve baby animals, because they are, or course, cute. It's hard not to be won over by this site. I think you'd have to be Satan's Little Helper... or have hung out in Allston. Great site for those with kids, or for anyone who's a "kid at..." Nope, I'm not going to say it. Just ignore that. LEAVE IT ALONE. Go to the site and enjoy. Definitely good for a few smiles.

Crazy Christmas Lights - Alright, I had to get ONE Christmas themed link in here. This Electrical Engineer in Ohio has timed his Christmas display to Christmas music from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and then had the music broadcast on a low-wattage FM transmitter so that people driving by could watch and listen without disturbing the neighbors. Just phenomenal. Unfortunately it became so popular that the traffic backed up for miles and the neighbors WERE disturbed, resulting in the guy taking the display down. Still - we have this video clip to remind us. The clip I provided was from the 2004 display. The 2005 display (the one that got taken down) was even more impressive, and can be found at along with much more information about the project.

And so the sun sets on another edition of Friday Night Links. Hope you managed to kill some boredom, and perhaps even enjoy a few of them. I may update over the weekend, or I may wait until next week. So for now, I'll just say, "See you when I see you." Have a great weekend, amigos.


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