Sunday, April 15, 2007

Click Schtick

A bunch of posts ago I told you about this new Clicky service which acts as both a super site meter and web analytical tool. So far, I've been very very impressed. The service, even in the free version, provides a wealth of information (how many visits, by whom, what they searched for that led them to your site, what they did once they got there, etc...) It is SO much better than the stats feature my web host provides, that I'm am definitely going to stick with it for now. The only issue I have with it (and it's a minor one, given that the service is free) is that sometimes it gets the site visitor's city wrong. For example, if I surf to this site from a location in Natick, MA, Clicky will often say that visitor was coming from Tyngsboro, MA - a city further north near the New Hampshire border. Such small discrepancies are common.

That's about the only issue, though, and if we assume that Clicky at least gets the general area of the visitor correct, that means I don't know who half of you crazies are - yeah, including you regular readers. However, I shan't let that dissuade me from throwin' out a few shout outs to all my peeps in da hizzouse. New Orleans, where you at? Awww yeah, they you at! Represent! Somerville, you up in here?!? Hell yeah, hell yeah. Who else? Errybody in San Jose gettin' tips... Alright, sorry. This juvie slang is gettin' old. But mad props go to my homies across the pond in Luton & Newcastle upon Tyne, anyway.

The list goes on and the locales are too numerous to list here. However, as I promised in that earlier post, I'll steal a page out of Sean's book and provide you with some of the more amusing search terms people have used to get to here. By far, the most popular search terms are "tattoo" (ironic, because I don't have one, but I wrote a post about 'em way back when), "ying yang", "mnah mnah" and "toppins" (lot of Mary Poppins fans out there I guess.) But popular search terms are boring. Here are the strange, funny and scary ones:
and my personal favorite....
I'll leave it up to you to figure out my target demographic. But for now, I'd like to utter a hearty welcome to everyone, regardless of search term! You keep coming, I'll keep posting. Unless you're looking for more bathroom cleaner.

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