Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Click My Links!

Just got through readin' Sean's most recent post (as of this writing... yeah, I know, I know - I link to his blog often enough that I should just setup a redirect and be done with it. And deprive you of this beautiful blue unchanging site? Never!) and decided to follow his lead and give this Clicky thang a try. Sean and I have the same web host, and while he was rather diplomatic about the matter in his post, I'll go so far as to say the statistics and analysis they provide suck out loud. (Note: that is my only complaint with them. In all other areas, most notably price and customer service, they are second to none. Please don't kick me off your hosting service, guys.)

Anyway, this Clicky service looks pretty neat, nay, hype even, and I just added it to this site. My plan is to watch the stats in the coming days and then do much like Sean did and post some of the statistics, complete with the type of analysis you've come to expect from all of us, er.. me here at Murky Words.

Of course, if I want to see normal stats, then it's probably in my best interests to provide normal posts... or at least more consistent ones. But that's why Sean's post was such a Godsend. It's two posts for the price of one. See here, I've just written this post announcing that I'll be writing another post with my take on web traffic and stats. Personally, I think it was rather ingenious of me and I can think of little that's more exciting. Aren't you excited? Good. I am too. See you in a day or two.

[Update to previous post which I'm placing in this post because you'd have no idea I'd written it otherwise. Is it really that important? No, in fact it's kind of random and out of place, but what the hell. It's something to add...: In an effort to budget and better track my spending I recently purchased Quicken Deluxe and threw it on my computer (actually, technically it was a gift since I used a Best Buy gift card to buy it.) It installs easy enough and looks pretty simple when you first run it, but man is it a powerful tool. The process of importing accounts and getting the downloads setup can be a bit of a bitch, but once you have everything set up correctly... well, wow. I've only been using it a week and I can already tell it will help immensely. Who knew I was spending so much on lunch? "Not I, not I" said the fly in the pie. In the words of the immortal Young MC, "No school lunch next week. I'm brown baggin' it" And the week after, and the week after that.... Word. Kick the ballistics, G.

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