Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sorry Y'all

Well, between finishing up my old job, starting my new job, and going on my Southern Fried road trip, I am just plumb tuckered out. I had every intention of posting a sort of post-trip travelogue this evening, but I ended up having to interview potential candidates for my old position at my former employer's instead (I'm working for them on a very part time basis until the person they get to replace me is hired and trained. In the meantime, they've asked me to help interview all the potential candidates. Whoopsie them.) In any event, I'm too tired and too zonked to post anything "legitimate" tonight - BUT I'll be sure to cover you this weekend.

In the meantime, as a sample of what's to come (and because Miss Goofus linked to it, thereby forcing my hand - she also offers her own recap of the trip's events there, by the way), I offer you a sample of some of the finer cuisine experienced on our travels. I consumed this little delicacy at the Shoney's in Jackson, Mississippi while en route to Memphis.

Yeeeeeeehaw cowpokes! Hungry yet?

See you this weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You didn't get any BBQ....
next time maybe

1:29 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Au contraire! They had a barbecue buffet at the wedding, actually. It was delicious and they offered plenty of choices PLUS a chocolate fountain and a bowl full of peanut butter Hershey's kisses. Yummmmmm.

4:07 PM  

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