Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Call A Do-Over

So, no posty type posts this weekend unfortunately, because I was busy doing other important stuff - like attending college football games (BC vs. Clemson on Saturday - BC wins it 34-33 in double OT. A good win, and one I'd be even more happy about if I didn't think of most BC students as spoiled, petulant New Jersey transplants. Still, I grew up next to the campus, and you have to stay loyal - even if it kills you.)

Oh yeah, I also spent way too much time buying bed sheets for my new bed - but after spending two hundred dollars on sheets, pillows, and all that jazz, I decided to ask some people who know about these things (my mother and two sisters) to see if they could confirm the fact that I'd been swindled. Their answer? Most assuredly, yes. So - over the next few days I'll be returning my newly purchased merchandise with a scowl and picking up other, similar quality bed products at places that sell 'em a little cheaper (and still 300 thread count. Yay!)

In any event, it's now Sunday night, and I'm both tired and grumpy and in no mood to write anything of relevance other than maybe, "Screw you, Bed Bath & Beyond" - and no one wants to read that. But, check in when I'm in a better mood - which should be soon hopefully - and I'll see if I can get something up here in a bit. Later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually like Bed Bath and Beyond. I don't think they are hugely expensive but certainly not cheap. You'll have clue me in too for where you find them.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tj maxx, target & mega marshalls are your friend!!

2:50 AM  

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