Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yo Ho Ho And a Bottle Of...

...Chocolate Milk. And, actually it was a small little carton, downed by Goof (who has posted again - YAY!), on board a big ass boat that's on it's way to Nantucket.

Yes, indeed. As I write this, Goof and I are on board the M/V Eagle (at least I think that's the name) and are traveling to Nantucket Island for a few days of chillin'. Below us in the car hold are two HUGE Stop & Shop semi's which are, presumably, going to restock the islands food mart. That ought to give you some idea of how big this vessel is.

Anyway, enough about the boat. We're both very excited, never having been to Nantucket before (in fact, neither of us have been to Nantucket OR Martha's Vineyard. That's borderline sacrilege for a born and raised Masshole such as meself.) If anyone reading this has any tips on where to visit on the "Grey Lady" in March, please feel free to share them.

Oh yes, why Nantucket in March? Well, it's cheap, for one, and it's not jam-packed with lots of other people like us, wondering what the hell to do and generally getting in each others way. I've got my copy of Moby Dick, and Goof has my library copy of Nightbirds on Nantucket (yes, I know - we're dorks) and we're good to go. If time permits - and I can remember - I'll keep you posted with updates and photos (if we can get the damn camera to work.) Toodles for now, hepcats.

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